2 Week until SHOW TIME!

Vanja_VojvodicMy next fight is on June 29th in Toronto!!! This is a dream come true as I always wanted to fight in my city and in front of my friends and family.

One thing is watching an MMA event on TV but it is a whole different experience watching it live. The atmosphere in the arena is amazing and can get extremely intense. Backstage the fighters are warming up, wrapping their hands, stretching, talking to their coaches and getting ready to perform the task that they have trained years to do. While at the same time in the cage there is a fight happening.

There is very little that compares to this experience and I cant wait to do what I do best!

If you still need tickets you can go to http://www.ticketbreak.com/event_details/6107?aff=146569&affsub=16

I want to say thank you to my sponsors for their on-going support in my fight career.

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