Gratitude Journal

So leading up to fight time, the fight is actually the easy part. The hard part is the training camp. Not a lot of time for anything but training and the free time you do have you spend it in my case focusing on school, business, relationships, and other stuff that demands your time throughout the day and week.

Sometimes because your day passes in the blink of an eye its easy to get into a negative mindset and forget just how lucky you are to be living this life. So I picked up a habit that I used to have before but forgot for abit. I started a gratitude journal.

This journal can be anything. From pieces of paper piled together (which I don’t recommend) but if it works it works, to just an ordinary notebook, to some extraordinary ridiculously awesome notebook…anyways moving on. The purpose of this journal is just to jot down random stuff you’re grateful for throughout the day. It can be as simple as “enjoying a relaxing coffee on a peaceful Sunday afternoon” I do it in point form.

At first it will probably start off with just a few things here and there but eventually it will amount to an incredible amount of random things,  throughout your day. This will in turn set your mind to a positive outlook. It’s helped me alot these past few weeks of my training camp.

Remember all you need is one positive thought in the morning for a great day.



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