Mouthguard and why keeping them clean is IMPORTANT

I have been involved in mixed martial arts for a very long time. Fighting professionally a few years now and keeping my mouth guard clean is one of my top priorities…well amongst keeping my other equipment clean as well such as my groin protector 🙂 anyways moving on

We are going to stick to a mouth guard for sports not a night guard although some of the techniques here could be used for that as well.

Your mouth guard needs to be kept properly cleaned! I cannot stress this enough. It will save you many visits to the dentist. A dirty mouth guard may lead to: growth of bacteria and yeast/fungus. This is BAD.

Dental professionals recommend that persons who wear mouth guards follow these gudelines:

  • Avoid biting and chewing the mouth guard, as this may create indentations where bacteria may grow
  • Always brush and floss teeth thoroughly before and after wearing the mouth guard
  • Keep all mouth guards separate from other sporting equipment or accessories to minimize the risk of contamination
  • After every use, wash the mouth guard with lukewarm, soapy water (very hot water may distort its shape)
  • Before replacing the mouth guard into its case, soak in mouthwash to prevent bacteria growth
  • Ensure that the mouth guard’s case is ventilated to prevent mold growth inside
  • Never share a mouth guard with another person

Consequences of improper cleaning techniques:

  • Tooth decay
  • Recession of gums
  • Gum disease
  • Oral lesions
  • Bacterial infection, which may cause fever, nausea, wheezing and diarrhea
  • Staph infections, which may spread to the lungs and heart



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