Jiu Jitsu Concepts: Collapsing The Structure

Nic Gregoriadis talked about this concept and I decided to implement it in my game. Sometimes it works really well and at other times it doesn’t as with all techniques. Reading and thinking about different Jiu Jitsu concepts will provide you with a different view point of looking at your game and will definitely improve it.

The whole idea behind this concept is that the opponent is depended on you providing him with a rigid and tense structure to work with. Which is your body. To not give the opponent something to work with you will “collapse the structure”

For Example: In spider guard your opponent relies on you for resistance in order for their grips and leg positioning to work. If your structure is too strong and rigid you give your opponent something to work with. But if you relax just at the right moment and start to step back, this in turn takes away your opponents leverage points and grip strength. When you are sparring and you notice that you’re giving your opponent a structure he’s relying on for leverage try collapsing it and see what happens. When doing this you need to respond quickly to an either good or bad position. I did this in training last night and it worked really well against an armbar attempt. But like I said timing is everything. So be careful and make sure you have it down just right.

If it leads you to a bad position evaluate what you could’ve done better or just scrap the concept for that position. If it leads to a good one take note and look to perfect it for the next time. There is always room for improvement.


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