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Just checked into the hotel…day before weigh ins and here are some pictures

As the title says I just checked into the hotel room with my team and training partners.

Here are just a few pictures from my 2 month journey leading up to this fight.

There will be more tomorrow and of course after fight day. Enjoy!

IMG_20130408_112033 IMG_20130406_191457 IMG_20130406_191418 IMG_20130406_191334 1368157434767 1368153539082 1368153492919 1368153467283 1368153320367 1365603052662 IMG_20130509_144740 IMG_20130508_232110 IMG_20130507_144006 IMG_20130506_104052 IMG_20130430_231304 IMG_20130430_125513 IMG_20130430_122605 IMG_20130430_105142   IMG_20130418_170945 IMG_20130418_170020 IMG_20130418_165813 IMG_20130418_165705 IMG_20130417_200937 IMG_20130413_185505 IMG_20130410_210639 IMG_20130410_101123IMG_20130509_234503 IMG_20130509_221120 IMG_20130506_104052 IMG_20130507_144006


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