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Jiu Jitsu: To Gi or NOT to Gi

to gi or not to giMixed Martial Arts or MMA is a synthesis of a combination of different martial arts that come together to what is known today as MMA. The UFC was created in the beginning by the Gracie family to showcase that Jiu Jitsu is the deadliest form of martial art and the most effective. They proved without a doubt that to step into the cage and get out in one piece you needed to know Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and the UFC has grown tremendously in popularity since the inception of it.

All of my professional career wins came by submission so I have tremendous respect for Jiu Jitsu as an art. In my last fight you can see the effectiveness of the ground game against a tough opponent. Click Here to view it.

Anyone considering MMA has to understand that you need to have a solid grasp of the ground game if you are to walk out of the cage intact. This is of course taking into consideration that your opponent is proficient in the ground game as well. If you both don’t know it…well anything can happen then.

Being a professional MMA fighter you hear mixed reviews and feelings in regards to training in the gi. Some swear by it others want nothing to do with it. Personally myself I enjoy. I try to get my Jiu Jitsu training with the gi at least 2 times a week. MMA athletes have alot of plates to spin. Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Sambo etc are all part of our weekly routine striving to be the best in the world at what we do. Putting the gi on after a 2 sessions each day can seem alittle discouraging because you think to yourself “im not going to use this in my fight why should I put it on?” but putting that gi on is a very worthwhile activity.

Implementing the gi into your training regime is MORE MAT TIME!  More mat time is alot better then sitting on your couch eating chips and watching tv. Much like boxers holding weights in their hands when they shadow box to make their punches quicker, the extra weight of wearing the gi will make your technique alot tighter and your strategy will change. In gi training explosive movements are not as common as in no gi and you have to rely on your technique and skill set alot more. From personal experience I have noticed that my no gi game gets alot better after a few weeks of training in the gi.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Train hard and enjoy life 🙂 





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Just checked into the hotel…day before weigh ins and here are some pictures

As the title says I just checked into the hotel room with my team and training partners.

Here are just a few pictures from my 2 month journey leading up to this fight.

There will be more tomorrow and of course after fight day. Enjoy!

IMG_20130408_112033 IMG_20130406_191457 IMG_20130406_191418 IMG_20130406_191334 1368157434767 1368153539082 1368153492919 1368153467283 1368153320367 1365603052662 IMG_20130509_144740 IMG_20130508_232110 IMG_20130507_144006 IMG_20130506_104052 IMG_20130430_231304 IMG_20130430_125513 IMG_20130430_122605 IMG_20130430_105142   IMG_20130418_170945 IMG_20130418_170020 IMG_20130418_165813 IMG_20130418_165705 IMG_20130417_200937 IMG_20130413_185505 IMG_20130410_210639 IMG_20130410_101123IMG_20130509_234503 IMG_20130509_221120 IMG_20130506_104052 IMG_20130507_144006

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A Quote by Bruce Lee for martial artists

Please do not be concerned with soft versus firm

kicking versus punching, grappling versus hitting and kicking

long range fighting versus in-fighting.

There is no such thing as “this” is better than “that”.

Should there be one thing we must guard against, let it be partiality

that robs us of our pristine wholeness and make us lose unity in the 

midst of duality. 

– Bruce Lee

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