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Keeping your composure while getting hit

A few days ago after about 10 solid round of sparring a few of us dead tired were sitting down and chatting about what it takes to keep your composure in MMA, boxing, and other combat sports. Keeping your composure is crucial to performing at the elite level because you keep your mind from panicking and in turn can think and focus on the task at hand. A panicked mind cannot think! Fighting is very mental. More so than physical. I learned this in my 5 years as a pro and 10 years training martial arts.

Now losing sucks! We all know this. All your hard work blood, sweat and pain that you put yourself through could disappear in a second. Especially in a sport where anything can happen. Don’t allow this to happen especially if you can avoid it by keeping your composure. Below are just a few steps that may help you in keeping your composure at stressful times.

  1. Keep your eyes on your opponent and avoid the instinct to flinch:  Never close your eyes and hope your opponent is going to disappear or stop punching you. If he or she smells blood…you’re done. Keep your guard up and keep looking at your opponent. Don’t flinch your eyes. This is something that is learned through practice, it may be difficult at first because your body isn’t used to it yet but you’ll get a hang of it. Remember you cannot fight back if you don’t know whats going on.
  2. Move: Bob, duck, weave. Make your opponent guess where their next target will be. Don’t be someones punching bag. Always have your opponent guessing!
  3. Drill: When you drill boxing enough you will get used to punches being thrown at you and even getting hit once in a while. You might even start to enjoy getting punched once in a while…that comes with years of experience…we fighters are an odd bunch but anyways back to business with enough drilling you will learn how to remain steady and focused in the fight.

Initially your reaction will be “WOW did I just get hit in the face!?!?”  if you have never been punched in the face but you will realize over time and as you gain more experience that punches don’t really hurt that much….well sometimes they do but for the most part they’re just annoying.




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Protecting your money makers (hands)

Now your money maker could mean different things to you according to whatever field you are in… for me it is my hands due to the fact that well I am a fighter and I tend to either punch, or grapple people with my hands. This means that I really need to keep them extremely healthy at all times!

Hand injuries are extremely common in combat sports. It does not matter whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete/fighter you need your hands. You don’t want to have a hard sparring session one night, fracture your hand, and then not be able to work the next few weeks or even worse TRAIN!!!

Enough of this blabber below are some techniques to keep those “MONEY MAKERS” HEALTHY & STRONG

  1. Make sure you have proper technique
  2. Proper hand wrapping. I’ve seen time and time again shitty hand wrapping jobs. Now this isnt your fault if you are just starting out. If you are new to this ask someone in your gym to show you. Who knows what they are doing.
  3. Push Ups. Could be knuckle push ups as well but dont over exert yourself. Do whatever you can. 
  4. Chin-ups. Good for strength and everything else in between 🙂
  5. Farmers walk. Grab two dumbbells and walk back and forth. Great for grip strength and overall body strength. Tough as shit too


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A Quote by Bruce Lee for martial artists

Please do not be concerned with soft versus firm

kicking versus punching, grappling versus hitting and kicking

long range fighting versus in-fighting.

There is no such thing as “this” is better than “that”.

Should there be one thing we must guard against, let it be partiality

that robs us of our pristine wholeness and make us lose unity in the 

midst of duality. 

– Bruce Lee

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