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Keeping your composure while getting hit

A few days ago after about 10 solid round of sparring a few of us dead tired were sitting down and chatting about what it takes to keep your composure in MMA, boxing, and other combat sports. Keeping your composure is crucial to performing at the elite level because you keep your mind from panicking and in turn can think and focus on the task at hand. A panicked mind cannot think! Fighting is very mental. More so than physical. I learned this in my 5 years as a pro and 10 years training martial arts.

Now losing sucks! We all know this. All your hard work blood, sweat and pain that you put yourself through could disappear in a second. Especially in a sport where anything can happen. Don’t allow this to happen especially if you can avoid it by keeping your composure. Below are just a few steps that may help you in keeping your composure at stressful times.

  1. Keep your eyes on your opponent and avoid the instinct to flinch:  Never close your eyes and hope your opponent is going to disappear or stop punching you. If he or she smells blood…you’re done. Keep your guard up and keep looking at your opponent. Don’t flinch your eyes. This is something that is learned through practice, it may be difficult at first because your body isn’t used to it yet but you’ll get a hang of it. Remember you cannot fight back if you don’t know whats going on.
  2. Move: Bob, duck, weave. Make your opponent guess where their next target will be. Don’t be someones punching bag. Always have your opponent guessing!
  3. Drill: When you drill boxing enough you will get used to punches being thrown at you and even getting hit once in a while. You might even start to enjoy getting punched once in a while…that comes with years of experience…we fighters are an odd bunch but anyways back to business with enough drilling you will learn how to remain steady and focused in the fight.

Initially your reaction will be “WOW did I just get hit in the face!?!?”  if you have never been punched in the face but you will realize over time and as you gain more experience that punches don’t really hurt that much….well sometimes they do but for the most part they’re just annoying.




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Jiu Jitsu: To Gi or NOT to Gi

to gi or not to giMixed Martial Arts or MMA is a synthesis of a combination of different martial arts that come together to what is known today as MMA. The UFC was created in the beginning by the Gracie family to showcase that Jiu Jitsu is the deadliest form of martial art and the most effective. They proved without a doubt that to step into the cage and get out in one piece you needed to know Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and the UFC has grown tremendously in popularity since the inception of it.

All of my professional career wins came by submission so I have tremendous respect for Jiu Jitsu as an art. In my last fight you can see the effectiveness of the ground game against a tough opponent. Click Here to view it.

Anyone considering MMA has to understand that you need to have a solid grasp of the ground game if you are to walk out of the cage intact. This is of course taking into consideration that your opponent is proficient in the ground game as well. If you both don’t know it…well anything can happen then.

Being a professional MMA fighter you hear mixed reviews and feelings in regards to training in the gi. Some swear by it others want nothing to do with it. Personally myself I enjoy. I try to get my Jiu Jitsu training with the gi at least 2 times a week. MMA athletes have alot of plates to spin. Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Sambo etc are all part of our weekly routine striving to be the best in the world at what we do. Putting the gi on after a 2 sessions each day can seem alittle discouraging because you think to yourself “im not going to use this in my fight why should I put it on?” but putting that gi on is a very worthwhile activity.

Implementing the gi into your training regime is MORE MAT TIME!  More mat time is alot better then sitting on your couch eating chips and watching tv. Much like boxers holding weights in their hands when they shadow box to make their punches quicker, the extra weight of wearing the gi will make your technique alot tighter and your strategy will change. In gi training explosive movements are not as common as in no gi and you have to rely on your technique and skill set alot more. From personal experience I have noticed that my no gi game gets alot better after a few weeks of training in the gi.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Train hard and enjoy life 🙂 




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Positive Self Talk

In any type of undertaking you need positive self talk at all times. Job interview, competition, exam etc you always need to tell yourself that you are going to do great and that you feel great.

From a fighters perspective, a few days prior to a fight all fighters go through weight cuts. Now this involves very little fat in your diet…actually nevermind it is the skinny anorexic models diet! haha but ok all jokes aside its a pretty shitty time. Especially because you cant eat what you want to eat and whatever you are eating you cannot have too much of it. Anyways its a ton of pressure on your mind and your mood will take a killing in the process. A simple fix. Positive Self Talk! A very simple exercise of just saying positive sentences to yourself. These sentences could be as simple as “I am feeling great today!” Thats it!

This has had profound effects on me the past few days. It may seem alittle odd at first but believe me it will change your whole day.

One positive thought in the beginning of your day will determine how the rest of your day goes.

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Fight Time May 11th



I’m sitting at my schools library right now doing some research for an upcoming paper on masculinity in sports and it got me thinking about my fight that I have in a few weeks on Challenge MMA and I am one of the main card fights.

My comeback fight will be a great welcome back to the cage for me since I am facing a very talented and tough opponent. I was never the one to believe in easy fights and neither do my coaches.

Now it has been a while since I last stepped into the cage due to a few injuries that held me back from doing what I love.  These weren’t some minor sit a few days or weeks off, relax, and come back start training again. These were potential career ending injuries. To help my recovery I started wrestling for my school (York University) and discovered a new passion that compliments my MMA game really well.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my training and weeks leading up to the fight.

I am extremely grateful and feel blessed for the fact I am able to fight again.




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A Quote by Bruce Lee for martial artists

Please do not be concerned with soft versus firm

kicking versus punching, grappling versus hitting and kicking

long range fighting versus in-fighting.

There is no such thing as “this” is better than “that”.

Should there be one thing we must guard against, let it be partiality

that robs us of our pristine wholeness and make us lose unity in the 

midst of duality. 

– Bruce Lee

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Supplement Topic: Pre-Workout Supplements & Nitric Oxide (NO2)

Someone sent me an e-mail asking me about pre-workout supplements and Nitric Oxide (NO2) so I figured I would dedicate my next post to that. Personally I use pre-workout supplements on occasion due to the fact that my days are extremely long and require a lot of energy on my end. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I am constantly doing something whether it be training, studying, or working on my business. Never a dull moment. This is just a little something I put together that will give you general knowledge of what Nitric Oxide (NO2) really is and what it does. Also at the end I included the 3 supplements I have used in the past that worked for me. Enjoy

What is Nitric Oxide (NO2) & How does it work?

Nitric Oxide (NO2) is a gas naturally produced by our bodies that acts as a neurotransmitter (it conveys messages between cells). Its primary task is to tell your body to relax and widen its blood vessels. This allows for more oxygen & nutrients to enter the blood stream.

The benefits of these supplements are:

  1. Enable brain & kidneys to work better with the rest of the body. Creating a mind-muscle connection or being “in the zone”
  2. Increased Recovery Rates; more oxygen to the muscles = faster recovery rates
  3. Reduced fatigue levels during high-rep protocols; during high-rep exercises lactic acid builds up in the muscle tissue. Getting more oxygen in the muscle tissue will reduce lactic acid build up & correspondingly fatigue
  4. Enhanced endurance
  5. Increased energy
  6. Increased muscle pump
  7. Reduced inflammation
Suggested Use
Whichever product that you purchase make sure to read the directions and warnings very carefully. Suggested use depends on the product and there are many out there. For myself I take my pre-workout supplement 30-45 minutes before training and I make sure to drink plenty of water. This is very important!
Top 3 currently on the market that I will talk about
  1.  Cellucor M5 Extreme: This supplement is actually split into 2 portions: Ignite & Build. If you have plenty of energy and just want to build muscle mass you can skip the Ignite portion and only use Build. If you’re engaged in a game of basketball or soccer you may only want to use the Ignite portion. However you want to take this supplement is up to you and whatever your needs are.
  2. Razor 8: To start off 385 mg of caffeine mixed with 51 mg of geranamine will hit you hard when you initially ingest this. Razor 8 also has yohimbine which increases fat loss, mental focus, and vasodialation. The creatine in Razor 8 is pure and refined. What sets Razor apart from other pre-workout supplements is that it uses CPO (Creatinol-O-Phosphate) which increases muscle & stamina while at the same time decreasing acidification.
  3. NO-XPLODE: This is a pre-workout almost everyone knows and I had to write about it. This is a great product for someone just starting out and it was the first pre-workout I ever used. NO-Xplode uses a combination of sugar and caffeine to get the job done. Feels like drinking a cup of coffee or two before beginning your training session.

My suggestion is do your own research and see what product is right for you. Everyone has different needs and different tastes. I hope this helped out a bit. 


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