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Protecting your money makers (hands)

Now your money maker could mean different things to you according to whatever field you are in… for me it is my hands due to the fact that well I am a fighter and I tend to either punch, or grapple people with my hands. This means that I really need to keep them extremely healthy at all times!

Hand injuries are extremely common in combat sports. It does not matter whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete/fighter you need your hands. You don’t want to have a hard sparring session one night, fracture your hand, and then not be able to work the next few weeks or even worse TRAIN!!!

Enough of this blabber below are some techniques to keep those “MONEY MAKERS” HEALTHY & STRONG

  1. Make sure you have proper technique
  2. Proper hand wrapping. I’ve seen time and time again shitty hand wrapping jobs. Now this isnt your fault if you are just starting out. If you are new to this ask someone in your gym to show you. Who knows what they are doing.
  3. Push Ups. Could be knuckle push ups as well but dont over exert yourself. Do whatever you can. 
  4. Chin-ups. Good for strength and everything else in between 🙂
  5. Farmers walk. Grab two dumbbells and walk back and forth. Great for grip strength and overall body strength. Tough as shit too



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Fight Time May 11th



I’m sitting at my schools library right now doing some research for an upcoming paper on masculinity in sports and it got me thinking about my fight that I have in a few weeks on Challenge MMA and I am one of the main card fights.

My comeback fight will be a great welcome back to the cage for me since I am facing a very talented and tough opponent. I was never the one to believe in easy fights and neither do my coaches.

Now it has been a while since I last stepped into the cage due to a few injuries that held me back from doing what I love.  These weren’t some minor sit a few days or weeks off, relax, and come back start training again. These were potential career ending injuries. To help my recovery I started wrestling for my school (York University) and discovered a new passion that compliments my MMA game really well.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my training and weeks leading up to the fight.

I am extremely grateful and feel blessed for the fact I am able to fight again.




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Set a goal, Plan, and work hard towards it

The human mind is a very powerful tool in achieving your goals. Whether it be minor every day goals or major goal life goals and dreams. Dreaming big and having an idea of what you want is great but it is not enough.

To accomplish anything great you got to have a clear and well defined goal in mind and a plan to go along with it.

How do you do that?

First you have to think about what you want to accomplish or gain. Remember every idea and thought has the potential to become something real. Because of someones idea you are able to read my blog right now. Something to think about.

After deciding what you really want to achieve you need to come up with a plan for action. Decide on what to do first and how to proceed. Achieving your goals requires planning which you need the power of your mind for.

Now that you have a clear goal and a plan in mind next step is to visualize achieving that goal. Visualization is a powerful technique that requires some imagination. If you are having trouble doing it at first don’t worry. Practice makes perfect. High level athletes use creative visualization quite a bit to practice technique in their minds. While I was injured I could not train for almost 6 months but during that time I just kept visualizing techniques. Once I got back in the gym it did not take me too long to get back in the groove of things 🙂

Below is a short video on how to visualize

This will require discipline, patience & persistence.

Motivation is especially important in goal achievement. How can you achieve anything if you’re not motivated enough? Think about your goal, its advantages, the rewards of achieving it. All these things will have a strong emotional impact on your level of motivation.

And lastly, HARD WORK. Now that you have a set goal, a plan on how to achieve that goal the next step is just to work your ass off towards it. Whatever it may be. Good grades, more money, or being a champ. Just put in that work.

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